What Is PPC Management?


Running a successful pay-per-click campaign is far from simple. It requires keyword research and selecting the most optimal keywords, organizing them into ad groups, and setting up the landing pages for the visitors, so they are incentivized to convert, i.e., buy your product or service. PPC management is necessary if you want to save money and have the best online marketing results.

There are a lot of platforms that are designed to create an easy process for entrepreneurs around the globe to empower themselves with capital, knowledge, information, business tools, and resources that will help them achieve their business goals. The one that stands out among others is revalysed. Read on to learn more about this popular and effective digital marketing method.

PPC Basics

Pay-per-click advertising is a digital marketing model which allows users to pay and get more website visits, instead of increasing traffic to a website organically. Search engine advertising is one of the most used types of pay-per-click marketing, which lets advertisers bid on ad placements in search engine sponsored links. The link targets a specific search keyword related to the offering of the advertiser. Biding on a keyword and placing an ad that appears on the top of the Google results page is a much faster means of generating traffic. However, it can be costly because every click has a fee, which can add up depending on the number of visits. This fee is relatively low, and if you have an optimal conversion rate, PPC definitely pays off. 

Google Ads

Pay per clicking advertising is often correlated with Google Ads, which is the best PPC system. Google Ads lets you add advertising to all lucrative Google apps, including Google search. Every time someone searches for a keyword, Google finds the winning ads which appear at the top of the search page, which could be your ads, if you bid correctly. These ads are chosen based on various criteria, including keyword relevance, quality, and the keyword bid size of the advertiser, i.e., the amount of money invested.

Namely, appearing on the front page of Google depends on the Ad Rank of the advertiser, which is related to the Quality Score of the advertiser and their CPC (cost-per-click) Bid. The system is built to be cost-effective, allowing advertisers to gain ad space according to the size of their investment.  

The Optimization of the Google Ads Campaign

Choosing Google Ads over other PPC marketing is smart because you are bidding on the most lucrative, popular, and successful search engine. However, you need to optimize your PPC advertising, which includes several factors. 

Creativity is a valuable skill in marketing, so you will need to write captivating ad content which will drive the most traffic. 

Next, your landing page needs to be optimized for conversion, displaying content that is meaningful, distinct, and it must have a call to action, which is relevant to the search intent of the visitor.

Furthermore, your keywords must be relevant, short, and they must include result-driven ad text. This is why a valid keyword research is important. Lastly, you need to focus on the aforementioned Quality Score of your Google Ads account, which is based on click rates, landing page optimization, and content relevance.

The Importance of PPC Keyword Research

If you think that PPC keyword research takes too long, you may be right, but it is a crucial aspect of your PPC campaign, that needs to be continuously improved and updated to be most effective. To stay relevant in marketing, you need to follow the trends, expand your keyword list, and refine it for the best results.

Your list of keywords for PPC marketing needs to include relevant keywords, ones that have high click-through rates, therefore improving your profit, and the cost-effectiveness of your campaign. We cannot tell you which keywords are relevant for your specific business, but extensive research and the application of logic should suffice for optimizing keywords to be linked to the area you operate in.

Additionally, your keyword list needs to be substantial, and include long-tail keywords in addition to short keywords. These keywords are specific, they should fit your niche, and luckily, they cost less. 

PPC management

PPC Management Tips and Tricks

After creating a solid PPC campaign base, you need to continuously manage it and improve for it to be most optimal and bountiful. Your Google Ads account needs to be active in order to be successful. Google Ads displays a detailed account performance, which you need to analyze and study, so you can improve each aspect of your campaign. Improvement can be achieved in various ways, including:

  1. Adding more PPC keywords relevant to your area can attract more visitors to a PPC campaign
  2. Including negative keywords can be overlooked because they are not focused on conversion, yet this method is cost-effective, and it is beneficial for increasing relevance 
  3. Excluding nonoptimal PPC keywords can save you a lot of money, so be on the lookout for the costly keyword with bad conversion rates
  4. Creating multiple ad groups can result in reaching a wider audience with highly relevant, but smaller ad groups, with an increased amount of quality ad text and more landing pages
  5. Optimizing landing pages all the time can significantly improve conversions from PPC traffic. Diversifying your ads into multiple landing pages, with effective calls to action is much more effective than focusing the traffic on a single page
  6. Focusing on mobile devices can be detrimental for some businesses due to the high number of tablet and mobile device users. Ads can be displayed on search engines and apps across all device platforms. Specifically targeting mobile users can be more cost-effective, but for most traffic, it is not a bad idea to include ads on all platforms
  7. Narrowing your ads to a specific location can also be very fruitful for your PPC campaign. Some ad campaigns only target one zip code and prove successful, but this factor largely depends on the type of business you operate, e.g., a retail business can narrow down its targeting, while wholesalers cover larger areas

Final Advice

PPC management is very delicate and time-consuming, but its results can make or break your PPC campaign. Note that there are other PPC platforms, such as Microsoft Advertising, but Google Ads has the best results, therefore it is a great starting point for any business. Think outside the box, constantly research and expand your keywords, improve your landing pages, and your PPC management should improve over time, resulting in more conversions and profit.