Video Recording Services in HD and
4K Resolution

If you are in a need of professional video material, you are in the right place. Digital Strategy one is here to create high-quality videos for any occasion. Besides photography and web design, provide professional video recording services in HD and 4K resolution.  With us, you don’t have to worry about renting shooting equipment, looking for editors and other members of the crew. We are here to provide an all-in-one service. Digital Strategy One specializes in online marketing, as well as in creating professional video material and photography. Contact us and let us know more about what you need so we can help.

What do our video recording services include?

Making a quality video that is professionally edited is of great importance in online presence. If you are running an online business or need to create an appealing presentation, our company is here to help. We work with a crew of highly professional and talented people who can present your company in the best light. Here are just some of our services related to video recording, production, and editing:


 • Video recording services in HD and 4K resolution.  We always make sure that the material we create is of the best quality.

 • Organized live recording of events, gatherings, and celebrations. No matter what’s the occasion, we can help you make a memorable video of its best moments. 

Post-production and editing of video materials. A well-edited video is what attracts the most people to see you online. If you need video material that will be entertaining and well-edited, you know who to call.

Video recording equipment rental. Our services are flexible – if you need to rent some of the recording equipment, give us a call.

Why should you choose us?

In times when appealing online presence is the key to success, we strive to provide the most professional video recording services on the market. Our team of creative individuals will listen to your specific demands and create a plan for video material you can profit from. We will record and edit quality video materials at affordable prices. Digital Strategy one is here to help you join the team of the successful, by providing quality video recording services in HD and 4K resolution. Contact us and we will create professional video material for any occasion you need us to.

Nowadays, the power of video is dominating the online market. Consumers prefer to watch videos than to read articles because it’s more convenient for them. Well, we can’t really blame them. After all, humans are visual beings and our brains are capable of processing visual information 60,000 faster than decoding text.

Therefore, it’s only natural for consumers to prefer video content over other content types. This relatively new trend has forced marketers to invest heavily in video production.

After all, like with any other type of content, videos must be highly relevant and have top quality if you want this content to truly impress your audience. With that in mind, let’s find out more about video production and recording services in HD and 4K resolution.
Video recording services encompass various tasks included in video production. As you may already know, creating a video isn’t as simple as taking a camera and hitting the record button.

As a matter of fact, video recording includes planning, executing, editing and various other activities before the final product is ready to be presented to consumers. Here are a few of such activities included in video recording services.

• Pre-production – Planning a script for a video, determining its purpose, identifying the target audience and procuring the necessary equipment for the recording.
• Video production – Shooting a video, studio recording, videotaping events and so on.
• Post-production – Editing video material, synchronizing audio, adding visual elements, rendering and so on.

As you might imagine, video recording is a long a demanding process that serves the purpose of creating entertaining, educational and informative video content for your audience.
HD (High Definition) refers to videos with higher than standard resolution and quality. As mentioned before, video content must have top quality so that it can impress your viewers, which is why HD production is of vital importance.

The quality of video format is measured by frame size in pixels (WxH), as well as pixels per image. Therefore, the standard HD video has a 1920×1080 resolution. On the other hand, 4K resolution is oftentimes referred to as UHD (Ultra-High Definition).

Videos in 4K have 3840×2160 resolution, which is much more quality than the Full HD. Modern smartphones, TVs and gaming monitors are able to display videos in such resolution and marketers want to provide consumers with the best video quality possible.

Video recording services in HD and 4K are pretty much mandatory these days. The main reason is that consumers expect great quality when viewing video format and it’s up to marketers to meet those expectations if they want great results from their video content.