Turn Your Blog Readers Into Customers


When you launch your new website, it is always highly recommended to include a blog from day one. But, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t understand that blogs are great in so many ways. 

Often people imagine ‘’Dear diary’’ type of posts or some spammy articles that are copy-paste from another source to sell something.

Blog posts came a long way, and they are one of the essential tools. When you publish your blogs frequently, you are giving a voice to your brand. 

You are helping your target audience resolve some potential problems. And as a bonus – you are improving keyword growth, and you are sending a positive signal to Google – which then ranks you higher.

Getting familiar with your audience is crucial because you will learn a lot from their behaviors, and it would be like a baseline for your further growth. 

If you keep your work consistent and provide some original thought and innovative ideas – your blog readers will soon convert to your customers. 

Sales funnel 

Blogs can help you with raising your brand awareness and generating interest for the problem you are addressing. 

The awareness phase leads to another consideration when the blog reader evaluates your brand and your products as a perfect solution. This leads to the last stage – conversion. 

Blogs are crucial to lead generation because they have the power to speak directly to your potential buyer. 

Identifying an ideal blog reader

Before you convert your blog readers to your loyal customers, you first need to know them better. Who is your ideal customer? First, you need to think about demography details such are age, gender, and profession. 

But then comes the tricky part – what is the reason behind their loyalty to your product or service? Again, it would be best if you dived into psychology more. Do your customers have something in common? Do they share certain traits and interests? 

When you visualize your ideal customer, you need to think about their pain point as well so you have to ask yourself:  “Which problems are they facing?”.

Identify the topic that will attract your blog readers

When you have a general idea of what could be interesting for your readers, it is time to do a bit of research. Next, you need to write the content that will speak to your customer, and to be precise, you need to address those who are most likely to become your customers. 

Would you mind not writing to the general audience? 

The more explicit, the better it will be. For topic research, you can check social media channels. BuzzSumo, an excellent generator of ideas, Quora, different product reviews, and customer inquiries, is always great to help you find just the precise topic. 

Find what your customers are looking for and what they are complaining about. Also, try to look at what your competitors are doing with their content. You can always drive a bit of inspiration there. 

blog readers

Time to write

With all the information you gathered, it is time to write your blog post. Also, conduct keyword research that will match the topic. Use one target keyword and make a list of keywords related to the topic. Make sure to insert your target keyword at the beginning and end of the article and in the higher subtitles so Google can recognize the topic. 

The beginning needs to be short and get the blog readers ‘’ hooked’’ to what you will say in the article. 

Remember that more extended and more detailed articles (2000 to 3000 words and more) will be ranked better. Don’t think this will scare your readers. Nevertheless, it would help if you formatted it to be easier to digest.

This means you need to avoid large text blocks because readers can quickly get bored. Instead, make things more interesting, provide some unique insights into the problems they are facing. 

Notable points of view combined with relevant sources, the exciting facts will work fantastic for your audience.

Also, make sure to insert links to your other articles and put so-called ‘’lead magnets’’ in the body of your writing. It can be a free eBook, webinar, podcast, for example. They will be happy to get something they could make use of. 

Always finish your blog with a compelling call to action. 

If you want for your customers to get back…

Maybe your customer will be happy with your blog, and it will just click close and leave. It happens. Unless you get their email, you can give them something in return if they decide to leave their email addresses. 

Content upgrade always works great, offering amazing discounts, free webinars where you will talk about your services, etc. 

Options are endless – you can offer a free consultation offer a free trial of the product. 

Once you publish your blog post, it is not the end – yet a beginning

You need to follow the conversion rates on your website to determine if the content resonated well with your blog readers and converted them into paying customers. In digital marketing, the return of investment is of supreme importance. 

So follow the customer journey – how many of your unique visitors turned into email subscribers. And from there, how many email subscribers became your buyers?

Once you find what works the best for you, start making changes in that direction. You don’t need to do something overly dramatic because sometimes small changes can lead to significant revenues. 

In conclusion

Content marketing is essential today because it offers you an excellent opportunity to give your brand a voice and present things from your unique perspective. 

Addressing the real-life problems your customers are struggling with and offering the right solution should be among your priorities. You need to create content that your potential customers would be gratified with. 

Turning readers into paying customers is not a simple task, but if you are persistent and analyze your blog reader behaviors – you will be happy with the results. 

Yet, if you want to make this process faster, you can always schedule a consultation with us. We know a thing or two about envisioning great content.