Summer Email Subject Lines


In the world of digital marketing, simply putting your promotion out there and hoping for the best usually won’t be enough. Instead, using email subject lines, you need to ensure that you find the right group of people to target and create a marketing campaign that will follow suit.

Aside from that, you also need to find the right digital marketing channel to support your campaigns. For instance, the option is to hire a digital advertising agency, and you’ll get all the help to create visually compelling and effective paid ads, etc.  Here, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

That being said, one of the most effective means of digital marketing, as mentioned is email marketing. However, if not done right, you’ll run the risk of all of your emails ending up either completely ignored, deleted without even being opened, or in the dreaded “spam” folder.

Of course, the last thing any email marketer wants to achieve is either of the aforementioned scenarios. What that means is that all of your email marketing campaigns need to be well thought out.

With summer approaching fast, it leaves you with plenty of opportunities to make smart use of those “summer feels” and come up with an engaging summer-oriented email marketing campaign. 

But you need to remember that it all starts with well-coined email subject lines.

What is email marketing?

Before we dive any deeper into talking about the ways you can create a good summer subject line, let’s start at the beginning. Email marketing is the act of sending promotional emails to a group of people. Of course, these are not just any type of message you send via email. 

Instead, they need to contain a strong subject line – to attract attention, your promotional message followed by CTA statements, and your company’s information. Here, you can consult with a reputable strategic branding agency that can help you come up with a short and concise look for your company. That way you’ll ensure that your emails are easily recognizable by your audience.

Email Subject Lines

The importance of good email subject lines

Just as the weather is starting to warm up, you should start sending out your emails. Mid- to late May is usually the time when email marketers start sending out the emails they’ve been preparing for the season ahead. This gives enough time for the emails to reach their target audience and get them thinking about the upcoming promotions. 

However, in order to ensure that the recipients will even give your email a second glance, you need to come up with a strong subject line. But before we start listing and analyzing the examples of good subject lines, we first need to discuss a couple of things: email behavior and summer psychology.

Email behavior

As mentioned earlier, your email subject lines are arguably the most important part of your email marketing campaign, so you need to do it right. Why? – you ask. Because the subject line of your email will determine the action of the recipient. If the subject line is too simple or overly complicated, chances are that the recipient won’t even bother to read it entirely.

Additionally, the words you choose to use in your subject line may determine if the email will end up in “inbox” or “spam”. There are certain spam words most email platforms recognize and immediately flag. So, you want to ensure that it doesn’t happen to your email.

Summer psychology

The majority of people simply love summer and can’t wait for this carefree season to set in. Summer is usually the time when most people go traveling, visit festivals and hold various get-togethers. So, you should use this cheerful and carefree mentality to your advantage.

In order to come up with a strong summer subject line, make sure you focus on these positive feelings. Use catchy, cheerful, and positive phrases that reflect this season best.

What do the numbers say?

Now that you’re familiar with two extremely important factors of summer email marketing campaigns, we also need to discuss some numbers. Usually not the most interesting part, but a very important one that requires your undivided attention, for sure. 

According to research, only 21.33% of emails end up being open. What this means is that your subject line needs to do better than that, no matter if we’re talking about collaboration emails or regular email marketing.

There are 6 easy guidelines you should keep in mind when creating your subject line, and these are:

  • Make it short – usually the number of displayed characters in a subject line is 41, with some email clients displaying even fewer. So, you need to make sure that you use those 41 characters (or less) wisely.
  • Personalize when possible – personalized emails get more frequently opened than generic ones. Up to 26% to be exact.
  • Ask questions – the role of questions in subject lines is to catch the readers attention and encourage them to read more in order to find out the answer. 
  • Rely on FOMO – the fear of missing out (FOMO) is a very powerful behavior influencer. So, make sure you use it in your subject line.
  • Stay relevant – tell your readers what your email is really about! With such a limited number of characters, you really can’t afford to waste anyone’s time by beating around the bush.
  • Know your audience – do make sure you know who you’re advertising to.

Summer email subject lines ideas

The end of spring is the perfect time to remind your audience that summer is coming and hype them, even more, up for this amazing season. So, you can go for something like

  • Summer is coming! Welcome it with (brand) (offer)…
  • X% off on new summer outfit pieces only this (date)…
  • Prepare for a summer to remember with (brand)….
  • Welcome summer! All (brand) spring lines on sale…

Alternatively, you can also see if you can include some date-specific occasions into your offer:

  • Surprise your father this Father’s Day…
  • Hey (name)! Don’t forget about your dad this Father’s Day…
  • Treat your dad this Father’s Day with (brand) (offer)….

Next, you can also include everyone’s favorite thing about summer – the end of the school year – in your subject line:

  • Good-bye school! Hello (brand) summer
  • Schools out for summer! Check out (brand) new swimsuit deals…
  • Hot end of school offers 

Moreover, you can also go with non-specific summer-oriented subject lines that can look something like this:

  • Vibe this summer with hot discounts…
  • The temperature rises, prices go down…
  • Sweat off x% this summer with (brand)…

And finally, end of summer/back to school ideas:

  • It can’t last forever: (brand)’s summer sale ends on (date)…
  • End of summer blowout…
  • Goodbye summer! Back to school sales starting (date)…
  • (Brand)’s back to school must-haves…

To sum up

Summer seems to be everyone’s favorite season. So, the earlier you start preparing your email marketing campaigns for this hot and sunny season, the better. Remember, summer is all about positivity, good vibes and a carefree mindset. Therefore, make sure you come up with summer email subject lines that convey a similar message and vibe.

Email marketing campaigns can’t be a one-and-done type of deal. Instead, they need to change with the weather. And what better way to secure more exposure for your brand than with a well-developed email marketing campaign. Besides, in summer temperatures go up, so make sure your sales are following suit.