The UX and Its Importance


UX design plays a pivotal role in today’s industry of ever-growing interfaces. User experience is crucial for any company’s success, but sometimes it’s difficult to comprehend its value. In this article, we will explain thoroughly what UX is and why it’s so important. Also, we will hand you over some advice on how to create a great user experience. Ready to know more?

What is UX?

UX or User Experience is how a person feels when interacting with a system. So, UX design contains everything from research and planning to designing a website, app, or software. It includes any form of people\devices interactions. UX designers need to consider many different factors to create a great user experience. 

What Makes a Great UX Design?

User experience isn’t the same for everyone. So, don’t think you know what they need or want. Instead, get close to them and talk to them. Study how they use your products, and you will learn about their decisions. Knowing your audience plays a vital part in creating a valuable user persona and user experience.

Intuitive Experiences and Expectations

When a person opens a website or an app, the time it takes for them to use them efficiently directly links to the effectiveness of the UX design. The UX nailed their job if the users can start using a system quickly without needing much guidance.

Part of a person’s intuitive use of a digital system can evolve from how they interact with tools in the real world. Also, this intuition can develop through experiences with other digital systems and expectations of related experiences.

Continuity and Coherence

Established practices of UX design can emerge through natural selection, where thriving designs are copied, and unsuccessful aren’t. Their importance is also related to user expectations. For example, users can quickly become annoyed if the button isn’t where they expect it to be.

Different Platform – Different User Experience

The platform design can have a crucial effect on user experience because of the difference in the interface methods. Two models of smartphones may differ a little, but tablet and smartphone interfaces can vary a lot. Human Interface Devices can fluctuate considerably from one platform to the other and between different brands. 

The Importance of UX Design as a Whole

UX design tries to satisfy the users’ needs, and there lies its importance. It strives to provide great experiences that keep users loyal. An excellent UX strategy significantly increases ROI (Return On Investment). That happens because of numerous small enhancements that contribute to a substantial impact.

A great UX design will result in better customer retention and more recommendations. Let’s not forget improved credibility and higher conversion rates. Moreover, investing in UX outcomes in lower development costs.

The user’s first impression and experience significantly impact his further engagement with the company, as he will rely on it to decide whether the company is trustworthy or not.

Customer Loyalty

One survey of companies that invest in UX strategies discovered that customers are more loyal. Also, they are more ready to pay a premium, and more willing to recommend the company. That, in turn, results in more sales. Statistics show:

  • 15.8% more likely to continue with the same company
  • 14.4% more ready to pay a premium
  • 16.6% more likely to recommend that same company’s services or products

UX design

Reduced Business Expenses

Apart from bringing in more customers and increasing profits, UX can decrease business expenses, which results in a better financial condition. That happens because of intuitiveness and usability. In other words, if customers use the service or a product and find what they are looking for effortlessly and without having to contact support, the company decreases their support expenses. 

Moreover, if you study the support requests, you will be able to add innovations based on the customers’ needs. Apart from making your customers happier, this will decrease the support costs even more.

Planning Is the Key to Success

There’s more to it. The user interface of the software is about 60% of a project’s total code and about 40% of the development effort. However, it’s around 80% of the unexpected needed fixes. That’s why it’s crucial to get it right the first time.

Moreover, around 70% of projects sink because of the lack of user acceptance. To avoid this, work with the users in mind from the very start.

It all starts with planning. First, you need to do UX research. Then create wireframes and design and do it right. Only then will everything develop favorably, without various costly issues occurring. Many agencies already know about these benefits and will handle both the UX and development, or reject clients who don’t want to buy the UX services.

Additional Benefits of UX Design

Many other perks of UX revolve around brand perception and internal communication. A poor experience will damage the brand’s image. Conversely, positive experiences will boost it. Not to mention how many unknown brands raised to stars because of the quality experience they provided to their users.

Regarding internal communication, it can get pretty complicated to get everyone to agree on the same idea because everyone has their ideas in mind. Determining the goals, target users, and features can help avoid these issues. Creating wireframes and design prototypes will clarify things more, leading to a happier team.

Final Thoughts on UX Design and Its Value

All in all, it’s clear that UX design is a complex science and many elements play a part in it. However, it’s not enough to do it anyhow. To succeed, you must approach it attentively and do it right.

How well it turns into a trouble-free and pleasant user experience will determine how successful the website, app, or any other digital platform will be and which users will choose.

A good UX design will bring in new customers and keep the existing ones. Moreover, it will increase the pricing power along with reducing the development and business expenses. 

The funny thing is, considering all of this, that on average only around 11% of product development funds are invested in the UX. However, this means that your company has a major chance to surpass others if you invest in quality UX. Take that chance.