Proven AI Tools to Enhance Your Content Creation Process


Creating content nowadays that hasn’t already been rephrased, re-framed, revisited, and re-uploaded ad nauseam can be quite challenging.

That said, let’s say you’re a budding content creator banging your head against a wall, or an entrepreneur banging their head against the other side of the same wall. 

The trouble at hand is – you’re struggling to come up with a new phrase or sentence that a Norwegian guy in a basement hasn’t concocted already in 2015. 

Well, the good news is that there’s an unlikely ally that you can summon – AI.

Long past are the days where wild AIs were frolicking merrily on the meadows made up of 0’s and 1’s, their only job was to be clumsy and not look for cover in some FPS video game.

Nowadays, the intelligent folks that do computers figured out a way to put a big ole yoke on these fine AI specimens. Today, the AI’s been bred out of its former prancing pony image and into a stout Belgian draft horse that turns your ‘your’ into ‘you’re’.

Anyway, equine analogy aside, AI can now be used to help you write more precisely, with fewer grammatical errors, and more creatively even.

It can be harnessed to help you make engaging videos and other content formats, too.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the crucial ways in which you can put AI-powered software to good use, so you can create awesome content that your readers will love.

Here’s the deal.

Types of AI & Machine-Learning for Content Creation

 Article Optimization

… and by ‘optimization’, we primarily mean fixing your grammar, stylistic errors, and the tough job of bending back into shape the many malformed versions of the word ‘miscellaneous’ which get unintentionally created on a daily basis.

The scope of AI’s smarts when it comes to optimizing your content doesn’t just end in fixing your typos, though.

It can also help you get out of legal trouble before it even happens by proofreading your content and checking for signs of accidental plagiarism.

Text Personalization

 … as well as content personalization, in a broader sense, is a must if you mean to do business online in any profound way. 

The thing is, you cannot have the same online shop for your Brooklyn audience and the same shop that aims to attract the locals of Cairo, Egypt.

Imagine you’re making a shifting CTA that can assume the voice of many different communities around the world.

Or, an industry-specific bunch of cleverly-placed details on your landing page.

Or, an addition of a smart chatbot that can entertain the newly-arrived guests in your digital lobby.

In all of the cases above, AI can take a massive load of automatable work off your back, thus saving you time, money, and improving your business’s growth prospects all in a single swoop.

Keyword Mining

How much time have you spent recently obtaining the optimal keyword for your web content and managing gingerly its placement within the text? What about the frequency at which it should occur, or assessing with dread the impact it will likely have on your traffic and ranking?

Quite a lot, probably.

The thing is, you’re not the only one, as any content writer, researcher, or manager worth their salt nowadays needs to spend a fair chunk of their work hours to get these golden nuggets made up of letters.

An AI piece of software can help you find these with ease.

The advanced algorithms present in programs such as Frase will dig up the keywords that you couldn’t think of in seconds.

Automated Content Creation

Yes, you read that right. 

Now, it is possible for AI tools to compose musical pieces, make visual art, and write SEO-friendly content.

Of course, you may still not trust a robot to truly put their steely soul on your landing page or for them to concoct a particularly charming CTA. 

That said, you can still put them to good use when it comes to updating your old articles. Also, AI would work like a charm fixing some recurrent issues that would otherwise require you to add hundreds of paid work hours to your content writers’ checks.

AI tools

Some of the Best AI Content-Creation Tools


Whether you’re a content writer or editor, having a Grammarly account and possibly a Grammarly app downloaded to your computer is an absolute must.

First of all, Grammarly is completely free in its basic form, which includes a pretty advanced checks ‘n’ balances system for grammatical errors that will find and help you easily eradicate virtually all of your errant typos.

On the other hand, as a part of its premium version, you even have a plagiarism checker onboard, as well as an even more advanced system for optimizing your content stylistically.


In terms of how easy it is to use, Frase would certainly rank at the very top of the list of AI-powered pieces of software when SEO content is in question. It makes content creation a breeze!

The fact that it can tackle a myriad of content-writing problems at once doesn’t hurt its reputation, either. 

There’s scarcely a thing that this thing cannot do to make your life as a content creator, editor, or SEO specialist easier. Some of the services and tweaks that you can use with this software on your side would include:

 Automatic draft generation,

 Content optimization,

 An onboard keyword research mechanism,

 SEO analytics,

 Smart topic research, as well as

 Customized templates.


Are you a copywriter, video maker, or social media specialist?

A marketing team? (All of the above.)

Well, if the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these two questions, using Simplified can make mounting ambitious marketing campaigns on social media, your website, or elsewhere online a piece of cake.

As its name itself suggests, Simplified aims to tackle many of the typical hurdles that copywriters, video makers, and other members of a marketing team face on a daily basis. As a result, these hard-working folks can expend their energy on the creative part of marketing their brand, rather than figuring out where the glitch is in a program for a week.


All in all, for all its stubborn adherence to logic and 0’s and 1’s, AI can be quite a mighty tool if wielded by someone who knows how to put it to good use. 

While AI can never truly replace someone’s entrepreneurial drive and creativity of a technology copywriter, it can surely make your life considerably easier when it comes to tackling for you some of the more mundane and run-of-the-mill tasks en route to success.