Live Chat vs. AI Chatbots – Which One is Best for eCommerce


Live chat and chatbots are essential for turning website visitors into new buyers. By improving customer satisfaction in a conversational approach, engaging customers in a discussion in eCommerce changes the strategy.

To improve the client experience using the most recent technologies, an eCommerce chatbot is necessary. This blog post compares and contrasts the features of Live Chat and AI chatbots to help you decide which is ideal for your eCommerce business.

What Function Do Chatbots Play in the eCommerce Sector?

The use of chatbots in the eCommerce sector is widespread. When business owners learn that chatbots can help their eCommerce site, they automatically believe that the chatbots can only answer client inquiries promptly. Chatbots have advantages beyond accessibility as they are one of the main website features for generating leads.

Additionally, chatbots are compatible with a variety of eCommerce systems, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento. By interacting with customers and doing various duties like order tracking, product recommendations, and making the website easier to navigate, an eCommerce chatbot will assist you in automating customer care. The eCommerce chatbot will help business owners who use eCommerce platforms learn more useful information about their customers.

What Kinds of Chatbots are There?

Not all chatbots are AI-powered chatbots because there are rule-based chatbots and AI chatbots. The rule-based chatbots function without the use of AI and machine learning.

By integrating chatbots into their eCommerce website, website owners may increase consumer interaction. Knowing the distinctions between these bots will help you decide which is best for your company.

AI Chatbots

What Exactly is an AI Chatbot?

An AI chatbot is one that uses machine learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. Like a human agent, an AI-powered chatbot will assist you in communicating with your consumers, but unlike them, AI chatbots promptly respond to customers’ inquiries. Conversational AI, which mimics human speech, is the more sophisticated AI chatbot.

An AI chatbot is comparable to a store’s customer service representatives. They will link you to the product page, suggest pertinent products, and provide information about the products, such as “Best Selling” and “Discounts.”

AI chatbots equipped with machine learning capabilities will pick up on patterns from previous interactions with customers in order to predict new customers. Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence conduct simple discussions based on conversational patterns.

How Does Live Chat Work?

Owners of eCommerce websites frequently mix up live chat and chatbots. Consumer chats are automated via chatbot technology, which also analyzes customer data using conversational patterns.

Live chat chats, on the other hand, are handled by human agents. Online consumers can communicate with customer service agents via live chat support and receive immediate assistance. Since they can see the dialogues as they are being typed in the chat window, the live chat agents can answer consumer questions right away.

How Can AI Chatbots Improve Customer Service in eCommerce?

Owners of eCommerce websites frequently worry that not every user will receive the greatest customer care. When it comes to an online store, chatbots play a crucial function as a sales representatives. An online store may have a sales representative to answer consumer questions and dispel their uncertainties regarding products.

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can be used by online store owners to improve customer journeys. However, many users may be confused when deciding between rule-based and AI bots, so it’s best to know which is better for your store.

AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots vs. Live Chat

Another piece of software involving human agents is live chat. When customers have questions about goods and services, human employees on an eCommerce website will interact with them in real-time. Live chat is still preferable to AI chatbots due to its additional features and improved functionality. Although it may seem impossible, there are cases of this with characteristics that make it conceivable.

More Effective Customer Support

By resolving complex queries and setting up meetings, an AI chatbot will improve customer assistance. When an owner of an eCommerce website adds a live chat feature to their website, they can speak with visitors for a certain amount of time, and visitors might also get a form to fill out with their comments.

An AI chatbot, on the other hand, is accessible around the clock and adds a human touch to the dialogue. An AI chatbot connects your consumer to a live chat agent if they choose to chat in real-time. AI chatbots can improve customer service on an eCommerce site because they are more affordable than live chat employees.

Quick Fixes and Direct Responses

AI chatbots that use machine learning assist you in providing prompt answers to queries. Online shoppers will receive prompt solutions and straightforward responses. A customer may ask the same questions repeatedly to a live chat agent on an eCommerce website. It is annoying to respond to all the repetitive queries while a live chat agent is there.

An AI chatbot provides straightforward responses to clients’ questions. An AI chatbot can handle and respond to clients’ repetitive inquiries.


Costs associated with support tickets are decreased with an AI chatbot. Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots perform crucial duties like guiding customers to the products they want, suggesting related products, enhancing website navigation, and monitoring order information.

By integrating an AI chatbot on their website, online business owners can eliminate a number of responsibilities. Customers will see chatbots on the landing pages that will ask them about their desired purchases. As opposed to live chat, AI chatbots are more available and accessible to the customers while doing a variety of jobs using AI, ML, NLP, and sentiment analysis technologies.

Customer Insights

Through discussion, an AI chatbot gathers customer information. The patterns in a customer’s interaction are recognized by chatbots when they make a purchase. An AI chatbot will give internet business owners useful insights by compiling conversation data.

When website visitors converse with chatbots, they listen for patterns and determine their desire to buy. A chatbot, as opposed to live chat, can give online business owners useful customer insights that can help them better understand their customer base. Owners of eCommerce websites can also incorporate chatbots into messaging services like Facebook Messenger. An online business owner can swiftly contact their target audience by adding chatbots to social messaging platforms.

Handling of Any Number of Questions Simultaneously

You might be concerned about how to manage various inquiries at once because an eCommerce site will have a number of visits every day. When you use live chat on your website, the number of inquiries that can be answered by human agents is constrained.

However, when it comes to answering inquiries, chatbots are more effective than live chat.

Chatbots using AI technology can handle several queries without becoming frustrated and can rapidly respond to questions from multiple clients.


Many webmasters of eCommerce sites are unaware of the distinction between chatbots that are AI-powered and those that are rule-based. You should research the capabilities of AI chatbots and include the best ones in your online stores if you want your customers to have a flawless experience while using your eCommerce website.