How Can Social Media Insights Help Businesses


Businesses should not only rely on insufficient information such as the number of likes when analyzing their followers’ actions on social media. It is crucial that you obtain some concrete information for measuring behavior. 

You have to research how they perceive your brand, products, and services as well as which resources they need. Comments, status updates, reviews, and hashtags can help provide more information. You must also evaluate how your users interact with you. 

All the information you obtain is known as social media analytics or insights. It allows you to identify your performance so that you can establish goals and ensure that you achieve them. Social media insights ensure that you are able to measure performance and compare it to that of competitors and determine which type of strategy you should adopt for success. 

Since you would be unable to measure and analyze your performance without first obtaining insights, we are here to help you gain a better understanding of insights, and how you can interpret them, and suggest the ultimate tool to make everything a whole lot easier.

Why It Is Important To Track Social Media Insights?

In order for you to take complete advantage of social media insights, you need to know what they have to offer. The following reasons will make you realize why it is crucial that you obtain insights.

  • Not every social platform provides complete benefits to every business. One business might gain success on Pinterest, whereas, another might benefit from TikTok. You have to analyze your performance to find out which platform works for you. You should be able to track your followers’ interactions, sales made through each channel, and track traffic. By taking this information into account, you would be able to decide which platforms to use. 
  • You also have to know about your present and potential customers’ leaning. You need to know what your customers are more interested in and what does not interest them to ensure that you take the best approach to attract them. For instance, you should find out whether they prefer interacting with your stories or watching videos. Moreover, you would be able to find answers to important questions such as when the prime time to post is and what type of content generates the best results.

social media insights

How to Analyze Social Media Insights?

Now that you know more about the importance of insights, it is time to learn how to generate insights. How should you utilize the insights for improving your strategy? Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest have already developed some ways to analyze your audience on your behalf. Facebook Insights is a social analytics tool that can be accessed once your page gets about 30 likes. 

You can utilize it to make your content better and determine when to post. In fact, you can even track your progress, reach engagement rate, and find out more about the people who took action when they came across your posts.

There is also Twitter Analytics which shows you statistics about your profile, from checking your follower count to finding your most popular tweets. You can also choose a specific date or view statistics for a single tweet when viewing a summary of your Twitter account. Pinterest lets you track and measure data using its own analytics like how you would on Facebook or Twitter. With the Pinterest dashboard for analytics, you can identify the images and topics that help increase engagement. 

On the other hand, there is also Instagram analytics that you can use to analyze content performance such as when your audience tends to be most active and their activity. It even lets you access detailed information about a post and story. The only condition that you will need to meet is that your account must have a personal blog. Since all of this might seem overwhelming, you should consider using RADAAR Analytics feature.

What RADAAR Analytics Can Do?

If you do not want to check the insights of each platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, one by one and would like to make comparisons more easily, we would like to encourage you to take a look at the RADAAR Analytics feature. It is the only social media insights tool that you need to use. 

With RADAAR, you get to use unlimited dashboards and build custom reports for your business by adding, resizing, and reordering the pre-built widgets. You can also use the feature to track your performance and compare it with your competitors. Generate insights which are backed with recommendations for growing your engagement, reach, and sales.

Measure the metrics that are most important to your brand with the tool and get in-depth insights into your target audience. There is a lot that you can do with the RADAAR Analytics feature. Thus, it is worth using.