Digital Marketing Trends to Look for in 2022

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As years go by, digitalization has brought rapid changes in numerous industries. Thorough research of the market allows anyone to keep track of these changes and stay up to date with all of the new updates. Digital marketing trends, in particular, are evolving quickly. Every year there is a set of new, improved options and features. User experience, branding, and SEO are some of the basics. However, in addition to mastering them, getting familiar with some of the new concepts will be necessary. Investing time and energy into both newer and older trends will result in increased revenue and extended reach. 


Even though metaverse isn’t feasible yet, it sure is worth mentioning in 2022. Video, AR, VR, and 3D holographic avatars all come together in the creation of this virtual world. What makes it particularly interesting is that this is a persistent world as opposed to gaming which is a one-off experience. Metaverse is supposed to be a virtual space for people to socialize, play, and even work.  

Since people are mostly relocating to the virtual world now, so should do the businesses as well. Advertising the products needs to be simple and organic for people to take an interest in the said products. Digital marketing in the metaverse will allow companies to get to know their customers better and observe their preferences more carefully. It’ll also be a perfect opportunity for strengthening the bond between companies and their audiences.


As approaching Web 3.0, non-fungible tokens are becoming more and more relevant. This next web evolution is expected to be more decentralized, and its main feature might be the evolution of NFT. As these tokens have no equal value as anything else, they cannot be exchanged for anything. Hence, they are non-fungible. Due to the authenticity factor, these are simply the digital versions of non-fungible assets. 

Anything that exists on a blockchain could be an NFT. This includes memes, video files, animations, graphic designs, in-game avatars, or domain names. This has quickly become one of the leading digital marketing trends. Some of the world’s most famous brands are already selling or giving away their NFTs. This is an ideal way to improve the company’s reputation, keep it trendy, and build a strong community with the customers. 


The next important trend to consider is cryptocurrency. The number of people owning this digital asset has increased by over a third in just a year. This fact only proves that cryptocurrency is getting more recognition and importance than ever before. Every tenth user owns some type of cryptocurrency today. In Thailand, for example, this is even more frequent. The same goes for other countries with developing economies. 

In the digital future, we can only expect the usage of these digital currencies to be on the rise. With every segment of life being transferred to the digital world, this is nothing strange. Such digital marketing trends open the doors to various possibilities. Attracting new customers, for instance, is facilitated once a company accepts cryptocurrency. As this decentralized process offers more security and there are no third parties, it is the most appealing way to make a payment. 


Digital Marketing Trends

Social commerce 

While brands experimented with the field of social commerce during the last year, they are expected to do it even more this year. The large increase in revenue is bound to happen as soon as a company starts using social media this way. They can serve as perfect platforms for advertising any product. Not only does the revenue increase, but referral traffic is improved quickly as well. The best thing is that this can benefit small businesses too. 

One thing in particular that brings good results is the shoppable Livestream. This is an option full of potential as well. Customers are more interested in live content than the one pre-recorded. Pandemic is one of the things that affected this rise in interest for the live streams. This kind of digital marketing trend allows people to see the products, ask questions, and make purchases easily. Convenience and transparency make this such a good marketing solution. 

Simple content 

Clarity is the focus of marketing this year. More and more content online has made people look for the simplest solutions possible. No one wants lengthy texts or complex content when they open their browser. The best way for people to stand out with their marketing digital trend is to offer something different. 

Oversimplifying the content would be the wrong way to go, too. The content needs to be informative and understandable. Algorithm-driven research requires relevant and accurate content writing services. All of this will bring meaningful experience to the users, thus improving UX as well.


Another feature that will bring meaningfulness to a brand is transparency. That is the best way to build trust with the customers. Showing the core value of a company is bound to attract more people and ensure the old customers that they want to stay. 

Sustainability is the perfect example of how transparency can work well for a company. Even non-profitable partnering could end in an expanded customer base. Showing humanitarian efforts instead of just expressing concern will always draw customers to the company. 

Gender neutrality 

Finally, tracking the changes in society will pay off when it comes to building marketing strategies as well. As the households are changing, so are the marketing efforts. For instance, the fact that gender roles are less and less relevant made a huge impact on many popular brands. 

Brands are no longer afraid to go against traditional roles, and people love that. Showing they care for the customers, brands can get closer to them and improve their business. Digital marketing trends are just starting to embrace gender neutrality. In the future, we can just expect more of it in the field!


Depending on the type of business, every company should choose a suitable digital marketing strategy. Currently, things are changing in the digital world. The chances are that this will only keep happening and that each update will be more beneficial than previous ones.