Boost Audience Engagement From Your Instagram Reels With These Tips


Did you know you can boost audience engagement using your Instagram Reels?

It’s true.

Data shows that Instagram Reels generate 67% more engagement than regular Instagram videos. The number doesn’t lie—that’s how much engagement you could miss if you don’t leverage Instagram Reels for your marketing efforts. The good news is that it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in astrophysics to increase your audience engagement rate with IG Reels.

Jumpstart your efforts to use Instagram Reels to get more engagement with the five time-tested tips below. 

1. Make the first few seconds of your video count

Instagram is filled with millions of Reels from countless other users.  If you want to capture your audience’s attention and boost engagement instantly, make your Reel’s first few seconds as captivating as possible. Ensure your Instagram Reels show or say something that pulls viewers in immediately and entices them to keep watching. 

For instance, you could include compelling texts and eye-catching elements such as stickers. It can help tell viewers what to expect, giving them a good idea of whether to keep watching. Also, include relevant, branded, and trending Instagram Reels hashtags in your posts. 

Hashtags help tell viewers what your content is about while putting your Reels in front of your target audiences. These can increase your content’s reach and engagement opportunities. 

For example, Ilia Beauty’s Instagram Reel instantly captures the viewer’s eye with an irresistible caption. After all, who doesn’t love getting discounts? The IG Reel caption is a great way to convey your content’s main message while drawing immediate attention to your video.  Capturing your audience’s attention can be a great first step to connecting and engaging with them. 

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2. Use creative edits and transitions

If your Instagram Reels look like any other IG video, your audiences will likely scroll past and even ignore your Reels. 

The key is to create unique Reels with creative elements. It can help your videos stand out and encourage engagement from your audience. Try adding simple edits, such as stopping and restarting your video to create a cut or abrupt transitions from one scene to the next. Use stop-and-start transitions to reposition the subject, record at another angle, or zoom in and out. 

For example, if you’re promoting your comparison review about project management software Hive vs. ClickUp, add transitions when talking about the tools’ key features. 

Get as creative as you want with your IG Reel edits and transitions without overdoing it. When used correctly, the transition can add fun and creativity to your Instagram Reels. The slight jumps between scenes can help the viewers focus on your Reel, keeping them engaged for longer.  

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3. Include compelling CTAs

Instagram Reels are great spaces to share valuable advice and tips. 

Reels are also excellent for promoting your offers and products and inviting people to your events (among others). However, your IG Reels shouldn’t stop there. Add Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that entice your audiences to take the next steps. A CTA directs your viewers to subscribe to your channel, follow your social media accounts, visit your website, or buy your products (among others). 

It can also be a great tactic to entice your audiences to interact and engage more with your content and brand. While IG Reels don’t offer swipe-up options (like in Stories), you can add on-screen text and audio to tell viewers what to do next.  You can include CTAs in your IG Reels captions. Keep your CTA short and crisp, and use eye-catching but not distracting fonts and colors. 

For example, intimate apparel and lifestyle brand Aerie’s IG Reel below uses a clickable link as a CTA. Viewers can click the View products link and be taken directly to the brand’s Instagram Shop page. Combining compelling CTA with an easy shopping experience for potential customers is a great tactic to boost engagement and conversions.  

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4. Give shoutouts to your community

One of the quickest ways to get people talking about your brand is to leverage Reels to showcase the audiences you want to engage. Ulta Beauty nails this tactic by reposting IG Reels from followers who used their hashtags, tagged them in their Reels, or posted brand-related content. Highlighting your followers in your Reels can make them feel special while you can showcase your brand and products. 

Also, posting shoutout Reels can humanize your brand, helping you better connect and engage with your audiences. 

5. Share your Reels on other social media platforms 

Make the most of the time and effort you spent creating your Reels by adding them to your profile grid and re-sharing them on your Instagram Stories

However, don’t limit your Reels to Instagram. Share your IG Reels across your other social media channels to get more people to watch your post and expand your content’s reach. The more people see your Reels, the bigger your engagement opportunities. 

For instance, you can re-post your IG Reels on Facebook and Tiktok to draw more audiences to your offers and brand. It can also help you direct traffic to your website.  Reels give your brand and products more exposure, helping you continuously engage the same audiences across multiple platforms. 

Leverage your Reels to be where your target audiences are to raise brand awareness, recognition, engagement, and sales.

Skyrocket your engagement with Instagram Reels

Nail your Instagram Reels to drive more audience engagement. While the formula for IG Reel marketing success can be unique to your business, you’ll have more chances of succeeding when you follow time-tested tips.