The Power of TikTok: Stop Making Ads and Start Making Content!


In the modern age of marketing, using social media as the launching point for your marketing campaigns is a given. Brands use social media as it allows them to get in close and personal with their audience and deliver a more personalized experience of their product. 

So far, businesses have been mostly focusing on creating content for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; however, these businesses are soon to discover the power of TikTok

Start Making Content!

In their latest event, the newest social media giant has revealed a brand new campaign – one that will transform the way brands approach advertising on social media!

Being a very individual-focused platform, TikTok has decided to turn that very fact into its greatest strength and, in turn, teach brands how to do the same. Their new campaign urges businesses to eschew the traditional way of approaching ads and start making content instead.

What do they mean by this? 

Well, consider this – we see around 6.000 to 10.000 ads a day. And most of the time, these ads are in the way of the content we actually want to see. 

As such, they’ve become universally hated. Even if the product is relevant and the brand is well-known with an established reputation of excellence, if it displays an ad before a YT video, most people will hate it and will choose not to engage with it.

This is exactly what the platform is aiming to avoid. With their slogan “Stop making ads, start making content!” they’re signaling businesses to stop making a nuisance of themselves by forcing ads down our throats and start making content with which people can interact and enjoy!

Accessibility – the True Power of TikTok

So, why choose TikTok over, say, Facebook?

One word – Accessibility.

The true power of TikTok lies in how accessible it is to everyone. Or, rather, how easy it is to make content on this platform versus any other platform out there. 

Usually, content you find on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is highly edited and created by professionals. This is the level of professionalism we’ve come to expect to see on these platforms, and they’re the first impression a brand gives off.

But, with TikTok, things are a little bit different. As we’ve mentioned earlier, this social media platform has much more personalized content, much more focused on the individual rather than the community. This means that TikToks have the opportunity to be a more spontaneous creative outlet rather than a high-rise production. 

This is the crux of the social media giant’s campaign – this is what people really want. 

Get Closer to a Common Man

We all like seeing a hot model on our screens every once in a while. Still, this creates a disconnect between us as consumers and the ad. Because, at the end of the day, we aren’t models. We aren’t living a high-rise life, and we aren’t driving fancy cars. At the end of the day, we’re just… People.

And so we want to see other people being, well, people. We can relate to them and are much more empathetic to ordinary people in ordinary situations than to something shown in a high-budget production. 

TikTok proposes this when they say, “start making content” – just be yourself. Be a part of the crowd. Be the people. Your consumers will resonate much more positively with your content than ever before. 

This also ties into accessibility from a financial point of view. With such spontaneous, on-the-spot kind of content, you’re looking at much lower production costs and much less planning. Your content is just, sort off… Happens. 

This also means that much smaller businesses can compete with much larger ones more easily. In fact, they might have a distinct advantage. They’re much more likely to be seen as “the common man” rather than a large corporation that has become detached from its audience.

All this, and more, is enabled by the power of TikTok’s platform. The app has many tools at its disposal. Filters from green screen effects to special effects of all kinds mean you have all the tools for the job you’ll ever need. Now, it’s up to you to learn them and put them to good use. 

In the end, there are two main reasons why TikTok is a good idea for content creation:

Firstly, the platform offers you tools to create content on a budget. Something sure to appeal to smaller businesses.

And secondly, the platform that allows you to connect to your audience better and can bring you a lot more value than any professionally shot and edited piece of content on any other platform! 

Children Are the Future

Another reason why many brands are now considering using TikTok as a launching point for their marketing campaigns is that it appeals a lot more to the younger generations than most other social media platforms.

This is corroborated by data, as about 32% of the platform’s users are 10-19-year-olds and around 29% are 20-29-year-olds.

This gives you a great insight into the mind of an average consumer of that age. It tells you that most young people are very well attuned to the modern model of consumerism and that ads don’t as easily sway them.

It means that young people don’t like pretenders. They like open and transparent brands about their products and practices and prefer to be treated as adults. They don’t like being talked at and considered as a number booster – they like being treated as people. 

And they like being silly! Younger generations are fun and full of youthful zeal, and so they like their content to be as such. Highly processed content doesn’t interest them, as it comes off as forced and fake. They find the spontaneity of TikTok very refreshing, and it’s why they tend to gravitate toward the platform a lot more. 

Final Words

And there you have it – the true potential and power of TikTok revealed! And while other social media platforms are still potent competitors, TikTok, with its new campaign focused on creating fun, relatable content, is sure to take the marketing world by storm!