How To Decorate Your Website For the Holiday Season?


Your users may not want a lot for Christmas, but there is just one thing they need – a good website design for holidays. The festive energy that holidays bring into our lives makes us feel warm and grateful. For love, loyalty, and trust we share with our dear ones.

Like every business owner decorates its shop with cozy, fireplace-like decorations, it is great to see online businesses bring festive energy into their websites. People may not be entering your shop physically, but they are entering your own little online world. 

And in that space, you are the creator of the immersive experience your visitors will get. What do holidays look like? Think about that, and create a unique website design for holidays that will be celebratory, but feel welcome at the same time. 

To help you create the perfect holiday universe, we will talk about some key design elements you can optimize and thoughts you should keep in mind.


The key to enlivening your website design is to create a festive atmosphere but in the style of your brand. Stay true to your design, fonts, and colors, so your shoppers know they’re in the right place.

There are many ways of implementing a holiday atmosphere into your website.

For example:

  • Focusing on holiday-themed imagery adds to the overall celebratory feeling. 
  • Creating special holiday offers. 
  • Writing about sincere feelings, supporting positive ideas, and celebrating love. 

website design for holidays


Your holiday design doesn’t need to be completely different from the usual one. Some basic elements can be simply adapted and give a nice, festive touch.

Let’s focus on some design tweaks everyone can make:

  • Make your homepage feel cozy with festive colors. Give your design a dash of red, green, gold, or silver for Christmas. It gives a feeling of a warm, home-like place.
  • Add holiday flair to your logo. Reindeer ears, snowflakes, or even little gift ribbons can resemble the upcoming winter season.
  • Holiday inspired images – from cookies and fireplaces to pictures resembling togetherness and love. We connect different imagery with holidays and memories we have. Reviving those lovely memories can be done through pictures that personify the season.
  • Let your users know about your holiday content. Create compelling celebratory call-to-action banners and lead people into checking out your holiday specialties. Keep the design clean, so your visitors don’t get lost in the clutter. Good CTAs create a sense of urgency and can turn first-time visitors into regular customers if your deal truly is great! 
  • Create a nice gift for your new email subscribers – a promo code is a perfect way to do it.


Finding a perfect gift for someone can be a really difficult task. As a business owner, you can give a helping hand to your clients by guiding them through your best products.

When thinking about your own website design for holidays and the strategy for it, think about putting your very best products up in front. 

Bigger brands often decide to include special holiday offers revolving around their highest-rated products or editor’s picks. During the holiday seasons, it is a great time to restock on some of your best-selling items that people love to buy. 


Remind your shoppers why they love your brand. Read through the comments and reviews, realize what kind of content and products are beloved, and design holiday versions of them. 

This way, you may reintroduce some items and give them a fresh look. Also, your visitors will actually see you care about them and listen to their needs. By fulfilling them, their love and loyalty towards your brand will increase. 


Even though holidays are usually reserved for positive energy, stressful shopping sprees are inevitable. The most common fear people have in gifting seasons is if their products will arrive in time.

If you are selling your products online, design a special page or a banner which includes all important information on your shipping and delivery periods. In that way, your shoppers don’t need to waste their energy on worrying and can enjoy the act of giving even more.  


Some of our most loving memories include stories told by our family and loved ones during the holiday gatherings. Therefore, using the power of storytelling, your blog can become a perfect place to gather. 

Putting holiday content on your blog can help your visitors feel like they are part of your holiday preparations. And not only that, it tells search engines your website is staying current.

There are many ways to get into the merry spirit:

  • Write about holiday preparations – decoration, planning and execution
  • Introduce your new hires in the spirit of the season
  • Share holiday recipes and family dinner essentials – write about the most loved food and present unique ways of making it
  • Create your own list for Santa and even introduce some of your new products as part of your Christmas wishlist
  • Remind your readers why you love the holidays and the feeling of joy it brings us (both personally and professionally)
  • Collaborate with other bloggers, businesses, or charities and tell their holiday stories

When designing your blog posts, stay true to the joyful energy. Publish jolly photos and even use a new, unique font for all of your holiday visuals. This can contribute to the overall spirit you’re aiming to create on your website.  


Emotion in advertising can be powerful. Especially around the holiday season, when the sense of gratitude is stronger than usual.

Think about the values your business cherishes. Spotlight them in your design and thank your customers for helping you spread them further. It is them that chose your brand and by showing your gratitude, you will let them know you actually care.

At the end of the day, your mission wouldn’t be successful without them!  


While you’re decorating your home and office space, plan how to add some joyful flair to your website. 

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, a compelling website design for holidays can be created simply if you think thoroughly about it. And holiday seasons present a great opportunity for your business to become a popular gathering place during these special times. 

Inserting yourself into conversation through effective web design can make your business and the love your audiences have towards your brand grow exponentially!