Hosting and Domains

Hosting and Domains

Are you planning on presenting your new product to the world or starting a small business? If you are, you can count on our help! Our company specializes in creating an online presence for you as an individual or your business. We are here to help you present yourself or your products to a world of infinite possibilities on the world wide web. We offer a unique perspective, interesting marketing ideas but above all, hosting and domains service. With our help, you won’t have to wonder about creating a web page or selling your product. Before giving us a call, take a look at what our hosting and domains service includes.

What is a hosting and domains service?

Hosting and domains service represents a web space for your website and its specific address. If you hire us, we will help you put up your new web page without difficulty. Within hours you will be able to see your new web page up and running without a hitch. Web contents, advertising, video production, new ideas are just some of the services we provide. Our professional staff is here to help with every inquiry. That is why most customers use our service to show new business and products to the world.

Why should you need our hosting or domains?

Creating a new online presence for you or your company, your new product or an event is what we do. However, the great idea is the ultimate goal. With a great idea in mind for your product, the first step is creating a future website. Only after we acquire your web space and your address we can launch your website. For that, you need the space for your website. We can provide you with space and your new web address and your name.

Why choose us?

Quality control of your website and reliable customer support is not the only reason to hire our team. We offer so much more to our clients. If you need to launch your new idea, someone to make sure your online presence is noticeable and your product gets to your customers with ease, we are here to help you do just that. Our team of professionals will make sure to:

Provide hosting and domainsfor your new web page 
• Making sure your web page is running smoothly
Creating the best ideas and names for your platform
Providing possible additional services like e-commerce options for your products, delivery systems, etc.

Contact our agent today and talk to the best members of our team. Digital Strategy One is here to help you build and post your new website without difficulty. And that is not all, our representatives are here to answer all the questions you may have and provide new and reliable ways to sell your product and advertise like a pro!

Today, there are over a billion websites that are up and running on the Internet. People interact with these websites without ever wondering how did they all get there in the first place.

So, let’s imagine the World Wide Web as one giant metropolis. Each website in existence has its place in this settlement with its unique address.

That said, hosting is responsible for keeping websites in the online world, while domains provide websites with addresses. It sounds simple enough, but it’s a bit more complex than it seems. Therefore, let’s explore hosting and domains further, shall we? The online world would be a much duller place if such websites existed. Fortunately, front-end development is a highly sought-after profession these days, and many front-end developers are here to help create truly amazing websites. Let’s have a closer look at this profession and its importance.
The technical explanation for a domain would be a distinct subset of the Internet with addresses sharing the same suffix or under the control of an organization or an individual. Well, technical stuff is always unnecessarily confusing.

Simply put, a domain or a domain name is the address of a website. People type this address in the browser URL bar to visit the website. For instance, is an example of a domain name.

Now, the Internet is a prominent place of computers connected via a network of cables to communicate with each other. Each computer has a unique IP address assigned to it so that it can be identified.

A typical example of an IP address is 172. 16. 254. 1. Imagine you had to remember the numbers for each website you’d like to visit. That’s why domain names were invented to replace numbers and make finding websites online much more seamless.
Web hosting service or simply hosting allocates space on a web server for a specific website to store its files. The purpose of hosting is to allow individuals or organizations to make their websites accessible via the Internet.

So, when you want to create a website, you go to a hosting provider to procure a domain name and space on your website’s Internet. The truth is that you’re procuring space on a web server that connects your website with users all over the world via the World Wide Web.

Now, choosing a hosting provider requires careful planning. The main reason is that there are various types of hosting services, such as shared, dedicated, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and so on. You have to consider many factors before making a decision carefully. Here are a few factors that require consideration.

• The price
• Guaranteed uptime (99.99% is recommended)
• Backup and recovery features
• Customer service and support
• Availability of domain names
• Sufficient website speed and performance

Creating a website requires a good hosting provider and a unique domain name. Based on your needs, you’ll have to choose the provider that suits you the most. Otherwise, you can make a grave mistake that will cost you more than you’ve bargained for in the long run.