Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

What is competitor analysis?

In the world of online business, competition can be fierce. This is why it’s necessary to understand how your competitors run their business and gain an advantage over them. If you are looking for ways to beat the competition and attract more customers, you are in the right place.  Digital Strategy One is here to conduct competitor analysis for your business and further upgrade your online presence. Before you give us a call, take a look at why it’s important to do competitive analyses for your online business.

In order to compete against other online businesses, you first need to know how they operate. This analysis implies any of your competitors’ actions that are related to their online presence. So, if you want to develop an online marketing strategy, you must first know which strategy will give you the advantage. When our experts start analyzing your competitor’s actions, they will pay close attention to the following:


• How do they communicate with their audience?
• Which marketing strategy works the best for them?
• What makes your competitor’s website appealing?
• Do their social media accounts play a big role in online marketing?

These are just some of the questions that help us run competitor analyses for you. In order to create the best marketing strategy for your business, we will help you find out any flaws in your competitor’s strategy and use them to your advantage.

How do we conduct competitor analysis
for your website?

Instead of copying the same strategies your competitors are applying, the goal is to create a unique plan that will give you the advantage over them. We understand that every online business operates in different ways. This is why our online marketing experts will make sure to do a thorough competitor analysis and get a bigger picture of what you need to improve.

Creating a unique marketing strategy for your online business will depend on your competitors’ actions in many ways. In order to beat the competition, we will do all the research and help you decide on the best cause of action. Let us know more about your business’s long-term goals and we will start making a unique marketing plan that will work for you. Digital Strategy One is here to upgrade your online presence and help your business stand out from the rest!

Competitor analysis, also known as competitive analysis, is of vital importance for all businesses that operate in the online market. The main reason is that you need to know what your competitors are doing at all times so that you can find a way to gain an advantage over them. This sounds easier than it actually is.

A competitive analysis must be conducted thoroughly because you need solid information that can help you out in the long run. In other words, you have to plan your approach and develop a strategy that will allow you to keep an eye on your competition. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at what competitive analysis is and why you need it, to begin with.
Simply put, competitive analysis is a strategy that allows you to closely monitor your competitors’ activities. Those activities include their marketing strategies, how they communicate with their audience, which media channels they leverage and so on.

The main purpose of this analysis is to help you identify market gaps you can exploit so that you can gain a competitive advantage. However, many businesses make a crucial mistake here. As a matter of fact, a lot of companies use competitive analysis to copy what their competitors are doing.

If they are successful, then doing exactly the same as they do will make you successful too, right? Quite the opposite actually.

Online audiences will quickly notice the similarities between two competitive companies, especially if they have the same approach. It’s safe to say that they won’t like it at all. Therefore, the purpose of a competitive analysis isn’t to copy others but to learn from their actions and do something better.
As mentioned before, competitive analysis isn’t meant to help you copy what your competitors are doing. Instead, it should help you assess their strengths and weaknesses so that you’ll know in which direction to go from there.

For example, if your competitors have poor content marketing, you should focus on improving yours. That way you’ll have an edge where they don’t, which will give you an advantage. The real purpose of a competitive analysis is to help you create something unique and you cannot do that if you don’t know what everyone else is doing.

A competitive analysis can be a real life-saver for businesses, especially those that are new in the market. Operating in a highly competitive environment means that you must do everything you can to survive. If that means watching what your competitors are doing, then so be it. You can rest assured that they are doing the same to you.