Brand Identity

For most companies, having a unique and recognizable brand is a necessity. Since online businesses are becoming more competitive than ever, making a branding strategy can be a big challenge. Having a logo and a unique name is a big part of making a brand identity, but it is nearly not enough. This is why our marketing experts are here to build the best strategy for your brand and help your company stand out. No matter the size and nature of your business, Digital Strategy One is here to help you create a brand identity that people will remember. After all, no successful business can thrive without a strong brand identity.

Why is it important to build a
recognizable brand identity?

Creating a brand identity takes different strategies and includes many factors. Basically, this process will help you present your brand to your target audience. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can choose different methods for creating a brand identity that will stand out. Whether you are selling a product or a service, we are here to help you handle this process. Take a look at why it’s important to let professionals create your brand identity.


• Strong brand identity will help you present your product in the best light

• Your target audience will choose your brand over others

• The message you send to your audience will have more value

• Building brand identity helps your company stand out from the competitors

What does it take to build a strong
brand identity?

When creating a strategy for building a brand identity, our marketing experts consider a few factors first. In order to improve the way your audience perceives your brand, we will consider all of the below:

Your company’s values, goals, and potentials.

• Effects of visual presentation of your website

• Your company’s personality and distinctive features

• The ways you present your content (tone of voice)

• Marketing and sales techniques

• Customer support system (the way you communicate with your audience)

How can our experts help you shape your brand?

Although it might sound like a simple idea, creating a brand identity is a lengthy process. Depending on the long-term goals, size of the company, and other factors, our brand identity experts will make a step-by-step plan. On one hand, this is a unique part of the entire marketing plan. And on the other, creating brand identity combines many marketing strategies together.<br><br>
Whether you are running a small business or a corporate company, it’s always a good time to reevaluate your brand. If you are looking for brand identity experts, you are in the right place. Digital Strategy One is here to help you reach your audience and create a brand that will stand out from the rest!

Nowadays, a lot of businesses fail at their branding attempts. The main reason is that such businesses firmly believe that slapping a logo on a business and calling it a brand is enough to pass as one. Unfortunately, nothing can be further from the truth. Brands simply cannot exist without a brand identity.

A brand identity is the core of your brand upon which you build the rest of it as it grows and develops further. A logo is just a small but important aspect of a much larger brand identity. With that in mind, here are a few things every business should know about brand identity and its vital importance for brand development.
The simple answer is that brand identity is how your present your brand to your target audience. However, there’s much more to it than that. Before you actually present your brand to the public, there are a lot of things you must go over.

The purpose of a brand identity is to portray your company the best way possible and communicate to your audience exactly what you have to offer and what they can expect from you. Here are some of the crucial elements of a brand identity.

• Your company’s core values, mission statement, and brand promise.
• Your company’s visual representation, which includes colors, fonts, logo and other visual elements.
• Your company’s personality, which helps humanizes your brand.
• Your tone of voice.
• The way you communicate with your audience.
• Your unique selling proposition.
A brand identity highlights your company’s messages, products and services and allows consumers to relate to your brand on a more personal level. With a strong brand identity, you can stand fast in a highly competitive market and differentiate your business from other brands and other businesses as well.

Moreover, a brand identity helps you establish trust and loyalty with your customers, which inevitably creates a powerful community. You might’ve noticed how some consumers remain loyal to their favorite brands despite the fact that some other brands may have better offers. This is all thanks to a strong brand identity such brands possess.
Creating the right brand identity is a demanding process. The most important thing is to build an identity with your customer’s best interest in mind. Only then can you actually grasp the concept of how effective this marketing strategy can really be.

If you build your brand identity around your customer personas and their needs, and how your products or services can help them in one way or another, your brand will be much more powerful than when you create a brand identity in accordance with your own preferences.

A brand identity is the foundation of your brand. Creating an ideal brand identity takes time, effort and a lot of dedication, not to mention market research. However, once a strong brand identity is created, you can build a memorable and relatable brand to which your audience will flock over time.