Boost Your Customer Experience With AI-powered SEO


SEO is one of the most valuable strategies in creating quality online content. Even though many know how it works, modern versions of it are still something we keep learning about. 

This type of digital marketing is one of the newest strategies in creating online content, and it can successfully boost customer experience on almost any website. 

Since SEO combines the website’s structure with the content on it, it’s important to create a presence that all customers could experience. 

Along with its popularity growing, SEO become more versatile, so many companies started using different tools to enhance it. AI-powered SEO is one of the ways to widen the reach of one’s website and get to wider audiences. Let’s take a look at how this part of SEO works and how you can implement it in your website’s content.

What is AI-powered SEO?

Unlike regular SEO strategies, the one powered by AI (artificial intelligence) uses different tools to present content to the audience. For example, both textual and visual content can now be “translated” to audio messages, which can help it reach people with vision disabilities. What AI-powered SEO can do is reduce the time and effort on planning content strategy, which makes it highly efficient.

It’s not easy to explain all the different ways AI helps with search engine optimization, so let’s look at it this way. Google, for example, is the largest and most frequently used search engine, making millions of searches daily. In order to understand the credibility of different websites, their connections and rank them accordingly, Google uses a wide set of algorithms. Artificial intelligence drives many of these algorithms, making it possible to speed up the process and make it more efficient.

What AI does for content optimization is very similar. AI can help present the content to wider audiences. It can deliver better results and analysis, as well as bring content closer to people with reading disabilities. This tool is useful for unearthing keywords, different topics, and other fragments important for creating a content strategy. Most of all, takes just a fraction of time to do all of these things, unlike regular content SEO.

How can AI-powered SEO help with customer experience?

Before artificial intelligence was being used in digital marketing, there was only one simple way to present content. Writing a description, the web page content, or short articles was everything we needed. Nowadays, there are plenty of people who use voice commands to browse the internet and read the information they found. This is why content marketing experts are optimizing websites for wider audiences, which includes this type of SEO. Take a look at some of the most significant benefits you can have from conducting artificial intelligence SEO.

  • Fast and efficient content strategy planning. AI is there to help you minimize the time it takes to analyze and track SEO-related information. It allows marketing experts to have more time for creativeness when making a content strategy. Just like in the rest of the tech world, this tech uses automation of different processes to speed up the content-planning process.
  • Better customer experience and wider audience reach. You can never know who your future customers will be. If you want to reach people with different browsing habits,this can help. Finding relevant and useful information on the internet is different for everyone, which is why you need to optimize and personalize your online presence.
  • Better ranking on SERPs and more conversion rates. Keep in mind that the more viewers interact on your website, the more conversions you will get. This type of SEO can help you get better-quality optimization and rank your web pages higher on search engines.

AI-powered SEO

Creating an AI-powered content strategy

So, what does it take to create website content with the help of artificial intelligence SEO? All you need is an expert in digital marketing and a few AI tools. First, you can use this type of SEO tool for creating a content plan. This implies looking for keywords, phrases, and topics related to your website. Keep in mind that this process can take a lot of time, so AI-powered SEO can be used to speed it up.

Besides creating brand-new content, artificial intelligence SEO can help you re-write the existing one. Before you start making a plan, here are different ways you can use this technology for creating content.

Optimization for voice commands

Not all people who visit your website will be able to read content with their eyes. For those with impaired vision, voice commands can make it easier to navigate through the internet. In order to conduct voice search optimization, you might need to use some AI-powered SEO tools. As an example, let’s talk about the keywords your viewer could be typing in. Voice searches are often different from what people physically type in, so AI tools are there to overcome this obstacle. These tools can help you create personalized content and optimize your website searches for every viewer.

Easy and efficient mobile search

Let’s be honest – more people are using their mobile devices to browse the internet every day. With our lives getting faster, it’s no wonder marketing experts pay special attention to mobile search optimization. These tools can help with this process in many ways, and more importantly, boost your customer experience.

Automation of different tasks

Creating and optimizing website content can take a lot of time, and SEO experts know this first hand. Luckily, some tasks in the content-making process can now be automated, which can save a lot of time and effort. On one hand, artificial intelligence tools can replace manual labor in various tasks. On the other, these tools can analyze, track, monitor, and audit much more information in less time.

Creating personalized content for your viewers

Many people agree on the fact that making content personal is the future of digital marketing. Since there are so many similar websites available, competition between them is becoming fierce. To create content that will attract just the right viewers and turn them into loyal customers, you can again turn to AI-powered SEO. AI tools can help you look at the differences and similarities between your competitors’ websites. After you get the bigger picture, you can use the information to get the upper hand. For example, if you are running an e-commerce store, you can create unique product descriptions and short personalized messages for your audience to see.

Simple and fast data analysis

Since we mentioned different aspects of creating content with these tools, let’s not forget the technical one. It’s a known fact that data analysis is a huge part of every marketing strategy. Without the right information, it’s almost impossible to know what can make your online presence stand out from the rest. AI can be of big help when collecting and organizing data during the content-making process. Before making a content strategy, artificial intelligence can help you simplify the technical process and save you a lot of time.