10 Steps For Building A Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Strategy


Christmas is coming – you can see it and smell it around every corner of your town. Storefronts are decorated and shining brightly. People are spending their time online searching for perfect presents to stuff their stockings. 

But there is one problem: you haven’t made a holiday marketing strategy for your own brand.

All is not lost for you, though! Even if you were procrastinating a bit during December, there is still time to pick up on some easy, yet effective, ways of presenting your brand in its best form for the upcoming shopping craze.   

And as you are reading this, we assume you’re short on time, so let’s jump right into our 10 steps for building a last-minute holiday marketing strategy!

Talk About Your Services

Start talking directly with followers about your product. Would it be through an Instagram Live, or a pre-recorded video, engaging with your audience in real time can help you a lot. Remind them why your product is unique and for what reasons they should buy it.

Video content can serve multiple purposes. From tutorials on how to use your products in an unconventional way to just presenting them in a more realistic form. Explain the importance of your services and features, or maybe even talk about your latest holiday deals.

Build a Personalized Email Campaign

Too shy to talk in front of a camera? Use a good old email campaign. Not only is it free, but it also creates a feeling of acknowledgment. 

Sending a personalized holiday email to your most loyal users is an effective way of bringing your business back into their minds. 

Preparing some discounts and presenting them through emails is a very important step. Leave stinginess out of the picture and get creative – it is worth it! 

You can prepare a special 10-day Christmas countdown where your discounts go higher each day. It gives you a chance to speak to your customers daily and increases customers’ sense of urgency. Pick a different product for each day and let your audience look forward to seeing what you bring out next.

Create a Compelling Call to Action

Excluding a good call to action on your website may throw off your visitors. By writing an amazing sentence, phrase, or even just a word, you can inspire people to discover more about your products. 

Here are some tips for creating an effective CTA:

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Bring value up to the front
  • Get sincere and personal
  • Focus on action words
  • Present benefits
  • Use social proof

Use Holiday Imagery 

Make some simple rebranding strategies. Add some Christmas glare to your logo (a snowflake or a pair of reindeer ears can fit your logo perfectly!), but stay true to your brand. 

There is no need to go wild. Even a simple jolly header or a dashing red background on your website can do the trick. Figure out what kind of design tweaks work best for you and go for it. 

Enrich your Instagram with Holiday content

A good holiday marketing strategy spreads through all your communication channels, especially Instagram. We are emotionally connected to sights and sounds Christmas brings to our lives, and evoking all senses through pictures can be powerful. 

Publishing stunning content on your profile will bring you more engagement, and put your audience in the holiday spirit. Think festive – snap some photos of your products under a Christmas tree with a beautiful bow around it. That way, your followers can already see how their lovely present will look like in the hands of their loved ones. 

Run a Giveaway 

Not only is a giveaway a perfect method of engaging with your audience, but it can also become an unexpected gift for the luckiest follower. And who doesn’t like a surprise gift?

Throw the best picture contest! Ask your followers to take part in a fun activity where they capture photos of your products in their own beautifully decorated homes. You will receive some stunning images and can even reshare the best ones. 

Focus On The Most Beloved Products 

There is a reason why your top-rated products are such. And trust, you cannot go wrong with bringing back some of your most famous items and implementing them in your holiday marketing strategy.

Let your shoppers know about it through some ads on Facebook or via email. In times where people are searching for the best products, the most effective thing you can do is give them what they all love.

Work For a Greater Cause 

During Christmas, giving to those in need enriches the beautiful holiday spirit. Decide on a certain percentage of all profits made during Christmas and give it to a charity of choice. 

At the end of the day, we’re all human beings, and we feel better when helping the less fortunate. Not only will you feel great doing it, but this action can also boost your sales since you’re contributing to a greater cause.

Holiday Marketing Strategy

Write Holiday-Themed Blog Posts

Cakes, cookies, and decorations are an unavoidable part of Christmas. So, why not publish some tasty recipes or fun DIY projects for the whole family to enjoy on Christmas Eve?

Storytelling makes a great part of holidays. Families get together and reflect on some loving memories. These stories are sincere, and a great way to connect with people online is to become personal. Share some of your favorite Christmas stories, both personal and professional. Invite people to your little imagination land and make them feel cozy.

Make The Process Simple 

Holidays aren’t a time to make the shopping process complicated. People tend to speed up the process by buying what catches their attention most quickly. Make your holiday selection accessible by linking all the special products in one section of your website. 

Bigger brands use holidays for creating editor’s picks lists of the best products. Take a look at the reviews of products you sell, and create a selection of top-rated items from your store. Suggest the best, and satisfaction will be inevitable. You can even create a budget-friendly list of products most people can afford and put them in front. 


Even if you’re running out of time, there are always ways of creating a holiday marketing strategy that is effective. Arriving late to the party may result in missing some fun, but making an appealing entrance will turn all eyes on you. 

So, what are you waiting for? By following our tips, not only will you create a great last-minute strategy, but you will also have a chance to enjoy this beautiful time of the year with less stress involved.